Write to Boris Johnson to save charity-funded medical research

At a time when medical research is most needed, charities are facing unprecedented falls in income due to COVID-19. Funding from Government is urgently needed to support charities to continue life-saving research and improve lives.

COVID-19 has had an immediate and devastating impact on medical research charities, resulting in an estimated 41% decrease in their research spend over the next year. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Research stopped or paused today won’t be able to jump start when the crisis is over.

Charities have been left with no option but to make drastic cuts to their research funding as their income drops. Funding which could have saved or improved lives.

That’s why we’re urgently calling for Government to commit funding to help protect the future of charity research through the pandemic and as we recover.

You can find out more about charity-funded research at risk in our blog.

What can you do?

Please send a pre-drafted letter the Prime Minister to urge the Government to provide vital funding now to protect medical research and patients. Time is of the essence. By investing in charity-funded research, Government can help medical research charities deliver a better future for countless people across the UK.